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Travel Medical Insurance
IGIB offers you valuable medical coverage while you travel abroad. In many cases, your existing health insurance does not provide adequate coverage for international travel. Although we can't foresee emergencies such as injury, illness, or natural disaster, if the unforeseen happens, our coverage and services are valuable tools to protect against financial loss and assist you while traveling. Our plan travels with you almost anywhere in the world for vacations, studying abroad, corporate travel, mission trips and extreme sports adventures.

IGIB is working with HCC Medical Insurance Services, a recognized leader with 13 years of experience in the field of international health insurance, who offer a complete portfolio of health and life insurance products to customers in over 130 countries. For over 27 years, IGIB has covered millions of auto travelers to Mexico and is also recognized as a leader in the international insurance industry.

With our travel medical insurance plan you, will be assisted by a well trained and experienced team of customer service specialists who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and have the resources to provide you with the service you need no matter what time zone, language or culture. We offer a variety of coverage options for trips of all kinds and purposes, giving you the peace of mind you're looking for.
Preexisting Conditions
Preexisting Conditions
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Emergency Medical Evacuation
Sports Rider
Sports Rider
Groups or Family
In many cases, your domestic health insurance plan will not cover you while you are outside of the US. Travel medical insurance is an affordable way to provide coverage in case the unexpected happens during your trip abroad. A group or family of 5 or more people can experience a 10% discount on this plan.

Our customers travel for many reasons; vacations, sporting events, an international family reunion. A group of friends might spend the summer overseas or a semester studying abroad. Many groups travel overseas for short-term missionary work with a church or a volunteer organization. In addition to the group travel health insurance discount, groups can also take advantage of our free travel assistance services like lost luggage tracking, interpreter services, assistance with replacing lost travel documents and more.

  • Coverage for medical expenses from unexpected injuries or illnesses that may occur while your group is traveling outside of the United States.
  • Covers emergency dental care if a member in your group suffers a toothache or dental injury.
  • Our group medical coverage provides a Trip Interruption benefit, which will help get members back to a terminal nearest their home if they learn of major destruction to their home or death of an immediate family member.
  • This travel health insurance plan comes with benefits for an Emergency Reunion, which will help pay for a relative to travel to the hospital where the member is an inpatient, as well as reasonable lodgings for that relative.
  • Group travel insurance helps pay for covered minor children to return home should their accompanying adult be expected to be inpatient 36 hours or more, thus leaving the children unsupervised.
  • Accidental death benefits come standard with our group travel insurance plan, with a principal sum pay out up to $25,000 per member.
  • Return of mortal remains are part of our group travel insurance plan, which provides preparation and air and/or ground transportation of bodily remains back to the home country in the case of a member's untimely death while on a trip abroad.
  • Extreme activities like bungee jumping, sky diving, mountain climbing or zip lining can be covered by adding our Optional Sports Rider to your travel insurance plan.
  • Trip interruption, lost checked luggage, acts of terrorism, political evacuation are all standard with our group travel insurance plans.
  • Free travel assistance services are included with our group travel insurance plans.
Details about Coverage Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
A complete international travel medical plan for traveling outside of your home country to enjoy your trip with the ease of mind that you're covered in case of unforeseen circumstances. Most domestic insurance plans are limited or have no coverage overseas. Our customer service specialists are available 24 hours a day to aid you during your trip.

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